So in the normal course of events I am not a person in whose hands a power tool should be placed.  However, I’m quite proud of myself for this little project…Tuteurs!!!!


Tuteurs in the pool garden

Here they are temporarily placed in the pool garden.  They’ll probably stay in here since I feel like I need some height (they’re 6′ 9″ believe it or not), but they need to be leveled and placed correctly.

I had been looking for a pair for a while and just about everyone was sold out, so I turned to trusty Amazon and there they we’re!  Yes, it stated tools would be required, but normally I can handle a screwdriver (not the vodka kind).  When I opened the boxes and they suggested a drill I thought of asking the hubby to put them together for me, but since it’s 90 out and he had already planted trees for me today I decided to tackle it on my own…

Tuteurs being assembled

Tuteurs being assembledTuteurs being assembled

Tuteurs being assembled

Finished TuteurTuteurTuteurs

And there you have it!  I do confess I’m quite pleased with myself – I didn’t break anything and I’m not bleeding.  Always good!


Thanks as always for stopping by and reading EG!





  1. Kristine says:

    I like the pyramid tower design. Nice.


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